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Posted: 12:00am Sep 19, 2014 by Admin - Acorn Stairlifts UK & filed under News

With care home costs becoming ever more expensive, it can hard to know what to do if you are worried about an elderly relative. They may be active and able to live independently most of the time, but perhaps a health condition or mental deterioration has made it unsafe for them to live alone.


Posted: 12:00am Sep 19, 2014 by Admin - Acorn Stairlifts UK & filed under Tips and Advice

There are a lot of benefits to owning a pet, especially for elderly people. They can keep you company when you are at home alone - stroking them has been shown to help people relax and lower their blood pressure, and looking after an animal helps keep the mind active. Of course, taking care of a pet is also a responsibility which depending on the kind of animal you choose, can be quite demanding.


Posted: 12:00am Sep 15, 2014 by Admin - Acorn Stairlifts UK & filed under Lifestyle

Elderly individuals and those that suffer with physical disability are usually at the greatest risk when it comes to accidents within the home. As people age, their physical ability begins to wane, and this can make them much more susceptible to the common hazards we all experience throughout our domestic spaces.


Posted: 12:00am Sep 12, 2014 by Admin - Acorn Stairlifts UK & filed under News

Dementia is the broad term for deterioration in the brain that tends to occur with age. It encompasses conditions like Alzheimer's disease, and tends to be something that is diagnosed based on symptoms relating to memory, perception and general mental faculties.

However, as the brain is affected by dementia, various physical problems also begin to occur, as the brain is no longer able to control the body as effectively. That said, as there are also stronger risks in the elderly of other problems that cause mobility issues (such as stroke, arthritis and osteoporosis), it is not always the case that problems relating to mobility in the elderly are fully attributable to dementia itself.


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