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Acorn Stairlifts In Dramatic TV Debut

12:00am | & News
An Acorn Stairlift Featuring On BBC's The Syndicate
Character Denise, played by actress Lorraine Bruce

Yorkshire-based Acorn Stairlifts made its debut on hit BBC drama The Syndicate on Tuesday 3rd April.

One of the company's stairlifts featured in the second episode of the series, written by Kay Mellor which tells the story of five supermarket workers whose lives are turned upside down when they win £18 million in a lottery syndicate.

On Tuesday, viewers saw character Denise, played by actress Lorraine Bruce, transform her elderly mother's life by buying a stairlift for her 80th birthday. In the touching scene, Maureen, played by BAFTA nominated Judy Parfitt, descends the stairs to be greeted by a house full of guests to celebrate her surprise 80th birthday party.

Dave Belmont, Acorn's Company Secretary, said: "It's an absolute honour for Acorn to be associated with Kay Mellor. She's one of the most successful scriptwriters of all time and a real Yorkshire treasure. Research shows that after 20 years in business, we are transforming someone's world every 14 minutes with a stairlift, and the difference it can make is wonderfully reflected in The Syndicate."

"After thousands of installations across the globe, we hear every day that a new stairlift can be as life changing as winning the lottery so it is excellent to see the sort of reaction that usually happens behind closed doors, dramatised and broadcast on national television!"

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