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Stairlifts - are grants available?

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Grants Are Available On A Range of Stairlifts From Curved, Straight and Outdoor
Our range includes Straight, Curved and Outdoor

At Acorn we have been helping people free up their homes since 1992. By installing one of our stairlifts you can stop struggling with stairs. We manufacture straight, curved and outdoor stairlifts to the highest standards in the world. All our stairlifts come with a comprehensive warranty. Our support teams are available seven days a week.

Our Acorn fast track service is one of the world's fastest installation services for a stairlift. Instead of waiting four weeks for an installation our service cuts this time to days instead of weeks. Simple to use, we recently have been given the ease of use award by the Arthritis Foundation.

Local council grants

If you are thinking of buying a stairlift you may be eligible for a disabled facilities grant from your local council. This type of grant will not affect your current disability benefits.

These types of grants are available to if you need to modify your home. This could be making doors wider for easier access or making changes to lighting and heating controls.

Typical things our surveyors check for are the heights between yourself and the chair whilst travelling. They will also look for any obstructions that may affect the stairlifts rail and the travel of the chair. The amount of landing area you have available at the top and bottom of the stairs.

Grants are subject to your household income and your savings over 6000 pounds. In England you can claim up to 30,000 pounds. Grants are different for disabled children under 17 this needs to be confirmed with your local council.

They are either paid in full or in instalments. Payments are paid by the council after the work is completed.

To be eligible you must own the property or be a tenant a landlord may apply if you have a disabled tenant. You also intend to live in the property for the grant period which is five years.

In order to be eligible you need to check with your local council that the work is necessary and reasonable.

Application forms are available from the housing and environmental health department.

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