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How much does an Acorn Stairlift cost?

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A Stairlift Survey Taking Measurements for Costs To Install
To estimate a cost would be deceptive.

All stairs vary in their shape size and length. When you order a stairlift from Acorn it will be made to your very own requirements in our factory. This means that the price of particular stairlifts varies.

We custom build the stairlift to your requested specifications. These may include personal features for your particular needs. We design the stairlift to suit you and your home.

Due to this to estimate a cost on our Internet site would be deceptive.

What are the running costs?

All Acorn Stairlifts have very low electricity consumption due to the rechargeable battery thats installed.

This means the lift uses electricity on an on demand basis as the battery tops itself up when required.

mA stands for milliamps this unit of measure is used to determine how much an appliance uses. It takes from 90mA (trickle charge) to 420mA (full charge) to charge the stairlifts batteries in comparison a 12w Eco bulb uses 50mA. Our stairlift on average uses as much as two eco light bulbs on trickle charge keeping the onboard battery topped up.

Question? If I arrange for a survey will I get the hard sell

Definitely not Our service is completely free there is no commitment to purchase anything and entirely no obligation. Our surveyor will only visit your home if you request it specifically from us. Our surveyors are trained to listen to your requirements. All this is done from the comfort of your own home.

Our commitment to you

  • Our local surveyor will take detailed measurements of your staircase.
  • They will consult with you on your specific needs.
  • Then it is your decision, in your own time if you would like to go ahead or not.

All Acorn stairlifts are assembled to the highest standards in our factory in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Established in 1992 our company is now the worlds leading supplier of stairlifts. We have thousands of happy customers all over the world. We believe our success and reputation is built on the satisfaction of these customers.

Choosing a new stairlift

Safety & comfort is key - just some of our standard features

At Acorn we pioneered the use of AC battery powered stairlifts. Making them smooth and whisper quiet. This ensures the stairlift will operate when there is an interruption to the power supply or in case of emergency.

The stairlift has sensors in the foot plate to detect any obstruction and the seat folds away neatly when not in use.

When two people use the lift it may be necessary to call the lift. This is solved by the lifts handy remote control.


We take great pride in its installation. The stairlift install is a quick no-nonsense procedure carried out by a qualified engineer. You will be surprised just how quick clean and simple the install process is. Occasionally a stairway presents a challenge but our engineers are used to such installations and can always supply a solution.

After installing the lift they will test in thoroughly and clearly demonstrate its features to you.


In the rare event of a fault we will repair the stairlift free of charge during the twelve month warranty. We also offer competitive and comprehensive maintenance packages to keep your lift in tip top condition.

We have thousands of satisfied customers around the world people who really have given their life a lift.

Want to find out more Talk to one of our friendly advisors or arrange a call back at a time convenient to you.

Our aim is your 100 percent customer satisfaction.

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