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ISS marks 100,000th Orbit!

12:00am | & News

Acorn Stairlifts are independently tested to a minimum of 25,000 return journeys, the equivalent of 11 years' service assuming an average of six return journeys each day.

It's a statistic we're proud of... but we can't begin to compare it with another statistical milestone reached this week, as the International Space Station clocked up its 100,000th orbit of the Earth!

That means the station, which serves as a science lab in space, has travelled an incredible 2.6 billion miles since it was launched 17 years ago – the equivalent of 10 round trips to Mars, but not quite one way to Neptune!

More than 220 crew members have lived aboard the ISS during its time in space, usually around six at a time and representing the American, Russian, Canadian, Japanese and European space agencies. The crews are regularly rotated when Soyuz supply rockets are sent up the ISS, taking fresh crew members into space and returning with those who have completed their missions.

The ISS is currently home to British astronaut Major Tim Peake, who trained for several years for his tour of duty in zero gravity. On Monday of this week he used social media channel Twitter to congratulate the space station and all its crews on the remarkable milestone. He tweeted: "Today the ISS completed its 100,000th orbit of our beautiful planet Earth – congratulations space station."

The ISS is in continuous orbit around 250 miles above the Earth's surface. Each orbit takes roughly 90 minutes, with 16 orbits making up one day for the crew aboard the ISS. Major Peake began his mission on the ISS last December and is due to return to Earth early next month, on June 5th. He is already planning his next space mission and has said he would love to travel to Mars!

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