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John and Penny From Scotland Both Struggled With Stairs

12:00am | & News
Retirees enjoying the benefits of a retirement village
Penny is shown how to use her new stairlift.

A couple both suffering from debilitating conditions can stay in their family home thanks to Acorn Stairlifts.

John and Penny Findlay from Barrhead in Scotland both struggled to get up or downstairs comfortably. John suffers from severe arthritis and Penny is dealing with the repercussions of a stroke and several knee operations.

“I would restrict myself to going upstairs just once a day as it was too painful to make the climb more often.” explained Mrs Findlay. “One afternoon I was so exhausted and desperately fed up of not being able to live comfortably in my own house, that I picked up the phone and called Acorn”.

On the day of the call, Acorn despatched a surveyor to check the house and within 48 hours a stairlift was installed.

Retirees enjoying the benefits of a retirement village
John and Penny love their new stairlift.

“The whole experience from my first call to the installation has been phenomenal,” Mrs Findlay added. “From the first approach they could sense how urgently we needed a stairlift and arranged everything to suit us within two days! I have seen such positive things about Acorn on the TV and in the newspapers and they have lived up to their exceptional reputation. I cannot thank Acorn Stairlifts enough for such a life changing service.”

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