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Dr Hilary Jones - Stairlift Advice

Stairlift Prices

The price of a stairlift depends on a number of different things. Our stairlifts are not just custom made for your staircase. But the price is affected by many different aspects which our trained surveyors assess before leaving you with an accurate written quotation:-

  • Your own personal requirements
  • Grants and VAT
  • The design of your stair case
  • What elements surround your staircase

Your Stairlift Requirements

  • Do you have trouble bending? would you benefit from a stairlift you could ride upright?
  • Where do you require your stairlift to be parked when its either at the top or bottom of the stairs?
  • Who will use the stairlift just you or your partner as well?
  • How do you see the stairlift working in your house?

Grants and VAT

Different Types of Stairlifts Have Different Prices

There is no specific grant for a stairlift installation. Although if you are eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant then it will be possible to get your stairlift installation partially funded with help from your local council. You may also be eligible for zero rated VAT dependent on your circumstances.

Staircase Design

As well as your personal needs and requirements, here's a selection of things our surveyor will consider:-

  • Are your stairs straight or curved?
  • Whats the width?
  • Whats the clearance between the stairs and ceiling?
  • How much space is there at the top and bottom landings?

Other elements

  • Openings from the landings to other areas of the house
  • Access at the bottom of the stairs to other rooms external doors
  • Special requirements individual to your needs
  • There are many aspects to having a stairlift installed and to quote off the shelf stairlift prices would be misleading.
STairlift Extras That Could Affect Costs

Because of all the different factors outlined above the prices of a stairlift can differ considerably.

Our local surveyors will discuss your requirements, assess your stairs and provide a full written FREE no obligation quotation. You can also see a free stairlift guide video from TV's Dr Hilary Jones - health advisor to us here at Acorn.

Why Choose Acorn?

  • Competitive prices direct from the manufacturer with over 20 years experience.
  • Modular curved rail system means you won't be waiting weeks for an install.
  • Non pushy, no obligation sales backed up by full written quotation
  • Down to earth straight talking stairlift advice
  • Join 1000's of satisfied customers worldwide an acorn stairlift is installed every 9 minutes
  • Full manufacturer's warranty and competitive aftercare packages available

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