Acorn Stairlifts Reviews

So what do our customers think of their Acorn experience? Take a look at the Acorn Stairlifts reviews left by our customers to find out more about our outstanding products and exceptional service.

81 year old Margaret Sergison found she could no longer tackle her staircase, often finding herself immobile. A dangerous fall down the stairs forced her eldest son, Michael, to take action.

He contacted Acorn Stairlifts who installed his mother's stairlift just one week later. "The difference is a blessing," says Mrs Sergison.

"I simply can't explain how much the Acorn Stairlift has helped me. Most importantly, I can stay in the home I love, which is my life."

"Having the stairift has improved our lives greatly; I have breathing problems and my wife has arthritis. With it we can stay in our house."

R Shepheard - Rochester

"My husband can now sleep upstairs. We couldn't do without it."

G Jacobs - London

"The stairlift meant we could stay in our two-storey house."

I Ford - Fife

"I now have confidence in making it to the top of the stairs."

J Joyce - Milton Keynes

"The stairlift has made a massive difference to my independence."

Mr Merritt - St. Albans

"It has enabled us to stay in the family home."

Mrs M Clarke - Devonshire

"You have made my life so much easier. It has been a real blessing for me; I will never be able to thank you enough."

M Thornton - Manchester

"I feel confident when using the stairs and I no longer dread having to climb them."

Mr Rowe - Nottingham