The Newest Stairlift Safety Feature

Acorn is proud to launch the ground-breaking StairSafe monitoring system for your Acorn Stairlift. This one-of-a-kind app will monitor the activity of your stairlift and allow you and your family peace of mind.

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One you have activated your account, you will be able to download the Acorn Club app onto your mobile device to receive push notifications.

Designed with Your Safety in Mind

The StairSafe system consists of a small module installed in your Acorn Stairlift which monitors the location, journey, and usage. All this data feeds back to StairSafe HQ, where if an error is detected, we'll notify you. StairSafe can ease some worries about safety and the possibility of having to pay for maintenance.

Mobile Alerts

StairSafe allows you to set up regular notifications about the usage, for added peace of mind. Recieve updates via text message with all relevant information.

Diagnostics Monitoring

For your safety, your Acorn Stairlift is in constant communication with our central monitoring centre. We monitor on a regular basis to ensure excellent operation.

StairSafe Portal

You can quickly and conveniently set the usage parameters of your StairSafe system To meet your needs, an online StairSafe assistant is there to help.

StairSafe Detects Critical Information

StairSafe can detect the following information and send updates to you or a loved one via text message.

Activated Safety Edges Safety Rail Position
Lift Switch ON/OFF Minor and Major Error Codes
Sleep Mode Activation Service Required
Irregular Use Battery Usage
Lift Moving Lack of Charge

Included with StairSafe

Safe and Secure Settings

Maintain the safety and security of your details, as well as the information of your assigned contacts. Acorn Stairlifts and StairSafe take care of your information and only use it for in-app features.

Save Money

When you get regularly notified about your Acorn Stairlift you can help prevent costly repairs. Get ahead of an unlikely inconvenience or costly repair with the help of StairSafe.

Informative Details

Get all your stairlift’s up-to-date details with the click of a button. The app provides a continuous summary of the activity and status of your stairlift right at your finger tips.

Your Stairlift Data in One Place

From the amount of trips you’ve taken to your overall battery usage, StairSafe allows you to check out all your stairlift’s important specifics.