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Acorn Stairlifts will help you master 'the three Rs': Regain your independence, Retain full use of your home, and Remain in the home you love. Installing an Acorn Stairlift turns your home into a bungalow, by removing the obstacle of stairs if they become too challenging.

Simple stairlift solutions for every type of staircase

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Straight stairlift from acorn

Straight Stairlift

The ideal solution for a straight staircase

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Curved stairlift from Acorn

Curved Stairlift

One of the most innovative stairlifts in the world

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Outdoor stairlift from Acorn

Outdoor Stairlift

Open up and enjoy your outdoor space

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Stairlift Installation

All Acorn stairlifts fit directly to the staircase, not the wall, so installation is quick and mess-free.


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Five simple steps to freedom

Every day, over 180 people regain their independence with Acorn Stairlifts.

When you're struggling with reduced mobility, even a few steps can look like a mountain. But some 'steps' are easy. Just follow these five simple steps and before you know it you’ll regain the freedom of your home and never have to worry about climbing your stairs again..