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An 81-year-old great grandmother has spoken out about how a stairlift has changed her life

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"I didn't want the family home that I've lived in for 50 years to be snatched away simply because I couldn't get up the stairs." - Margaret Sergison

Since moving into her three bedroomed house in Liverpool half a century ago, Margaret Sergison has raised seven sons, nursed a sick husband and welcomed 24 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren into the world. Yet the home she once shared with her large family, that she now lives in alone, was at risk of being taken away.

Margaret Sergison On A Her Newly Installed Stairlift
Mrs Sergison Enjoying New Found Freedom With Son and An Acorn Engineer

At 81, highly independent Mrs Sergison is riddled with osteoporosis and can no longer tackle her staircase, often finding herself immobile. The illness, which causes her excruciating back pain and led to a painful hip replacement and ongoing sciatica, made life at home very frustrating and a lonely place to be.

Despite the inability to complete household chores or 'nip' upstairs, Mrs Sergison refused to leave the family home for cared accommodation. "I have many wonderful memories in this house and have lived here since 1962," she explained. "My husband Michael and I moved in when I was carrying my fifth son and I have loved and raised all seven of them under this roof.

"Although the advice was to move into residential accommodation, I was determined not to leave just because of my health problems. I told my sons, 'I'll leave when they carry me out in a box!'."

However, a dangerous fall down the stairs forced her eldest son, Michael Sergison (60) of Huyton in Liverpool, to take action. "I walked into the house and was horrified to discover my mum sat in her kitchen bruised and in shock after the fall. She was in such a state - but most strikingly, she was angry that she couldn't walk up her own staircase confidently. I knew moving out wasn't an option for her - but something had to be done," he explained.

Michael suggested having a stairlift installed and approached the council, who informed him of a minimum 12-month wait for a consultation, forcing him to look elsewhere. After discovering an advertisement in the local paper he contacted Acorn Stairlifts who, through their FastTrack service, installed his mother's stairlift just one week later.

The difference, says Mrs Sergison, is "a blessing."

"I simply can't explain how much the Acorn stairlift has helped me. I've regained my confidence and I'm no longer scared of the stairs and can get on with my cleaning like I used to. But most importantly, I can stay in the home I love and which is my life."

Since losing her husband to cancer over 10 years ago, her seven sons have been her rock. Knowing how much of a difference the stairlift has made to their mother's life, Michael said: "My brothers and I are over the moon with mum's stairlift. It gives us peace of mind knowing she can tackle the stairs safely. We're delighted mum can stay in the home that's been part of our family for so many years and it's so good to see her confidence has returned. It really has changed her life and ours."

So How Can Acorn Install A Stairlift So Fast?

Its down to our World Class Fast Track Service. Fast track means you can get your stairlift installed in days rather than weeks. Our team of nationwide surveyors are on hand to respond rapidly to your needs.

All stairs are naturally not the same they require straight or curved stairlifts. Because of this a rail must be custom made to fit. We pioneered the innovation of custom pieces that combine to make a tailor-made track right inside your home.

This means at Acorn we can respond with a survey and install faster than any other stairlift manufacturer in the World.

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