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Reduce The Risk of Falling Whilst On The Stairs

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More than a third of people over 65 fall each year, half of those suffer recurrent falls. And it's estimated to cost the UK £581m a year.

An Elderly person At The Bottom of Stairs
One Of The Main Causes of Accidents In The Home

But that doesn't account for the physical and emotional trauma that you, or a loved one, may suffer after falling in the safety of your own home. "Prevention is cheaper than the cure" is a well known phrase that summarizes how an Acorn Stairlift can be the perfect solution to keeping your confidence and reducing the chance of injury whilst using your stairs.

"So how do I get a stairlift?"

Getting an Acorn Stairlift installed in your home is a simple process that starts with enquiring by phone 0800 422 0652 or via our online contact form.

Staircase Survey
Upon enquiry, a staircase survey will be arranged at a time convenient for you. This involves an Acorn Surveyor measuring your flight of stairs and ascertaining your needs. Once the survey is complete you'll receive a quote (no obligation) for the installation of a stairlift and a talk through which of our stairlifts most suits your situation.

After receiving the quotation you are not obliged to go ahead with the purchase and installation of an Acorn Stairlift. You can take as much time, or as little, as you need to make a decision on when you'd like an Acorn Stairlift to be installed in your home.

Stairlift Installation
Once you've made your decision you could have your stairlift installed in less than 24 hours! A decision to have an Acorn Stairlift installed will be followed up by agreeing on a date of installation suitable to you. On the day an Acorn Installer will install your stairlift and tidy up after themselves.

Straight stairlifts usually take less than one hour to install, curved stairlifts will take longer. A demonstration on using your new Acorn Stairlift can be given as many times as you need, and any of your questions will be answered. Once you're happy with how to use your stairlift, the Acorn Installer will then leave you to enjoy the freedom of using your home with confidence.

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