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We Launch The Worlds Fastest Stairlift Installation Service

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With surveyors based nationwide and a fleet of installers, Acorn has always prided itself on being able to respond quickly to its customers' needs. The company has a proven track record of installing stairlifts on standard straight staircases within 24 hours of being first contacted by the consumer. Acorn's rapid response is a major reason why it has a higher UK turnover than any of its competitors.

However, not all staircases run straight from top to bottom - many staircases have bends in them. In those circumstances, the stairlift needs to run on a rail that is specially designed and built to fit the precise measurements of the individual staircase. As a result this bespoke rail takes longer to manufacture than a standard one.

Nick Wilson With martin Dyson An Acorn FastTrack Stairlift van
Nik Wilson & Martin Dyson With MP Chris Hopkins

Acorn has now reduced the delivery time from weeks to hours using an innovation it calls Fast Track. Now Acorn builds the bespoke rails at the customer's house from a number of straight, curved and angled pieces, similar to constructing a Meccano set, rather than in the factory. This means a quicker and more efficient service which is a key requirement of many of their customers.

As just one example, on 22 December 2010, the company received an enquiry for a special curved stairlift installation from a customer in Scotland. The customer had already been quoted the industry standard four-week delivery time. Acorn's salesman attended the same day, took the order, and on Christmas Eve, the customer's stairlift was installed - in time for Christmas - only 36 hours later.

The Fast Track service has now been launched by Acorn in the UK, USA, Germany, France and Italy. On 31st January, two specially adapted vans were sent out to Acorn's subsidiary in Germany, to implement the Fast Track service out there. Keighley MP, Kris Hopkins, was there to present the keys to Acorn's Operations Manager and Installations Manager, Nick Wilson and Martin Dyson. "It is firms like Acorn that will really help to get our local and national economy moving once again," said Mr Hopkins.

Nick Wilson said "Acorn now has the proven ability to install stairlifts very quickly on all types of staircases, unlike any of our competitors. This will help our customers who will not need to wait for one of our stairlifts to be installed."

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