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Staff Pull Together To Make Children Smile This Christmas!

12:00am | & Community
Acorn Staff With Present For Ukrainian Children At Christmas
A Raft of Donated Presents For Christmas

Acorn are always striving to give people's lives a lift, and when they heard about the plight of the children of Chernihivsky's Childrens Home in the Ukraine, the wonderful staff at the UK Head Office near Bradford, West Yorkshire rallied round to help.

In addition to providing two stairlifts to help these children, many of whom are disabled, we started a shoebox appeal to provide christmas gifts for these underprivileged children. Many of these children have never received a gift in their lives, so by filling empty shoeboxes with presents, we wanted to make sure that they had a christmas they would never forget.

As you can see from the picture, these children will be busy unwrapping presents on Christmas Day!

Jules Allen, Acorn's Sales Director, sums it up here: " All the staff have worked hard to make sure our Ukrainian Shoebox Appeal was a huge success. Taking the time to make children less fortunate than ourselves happy at christmas has once again brought out the best of Acorn; it's wonderful knowing that these gifts, however small, will bring happiness and joy, and a smile to someone's face. "

We'll let you know how much these children liked their presents!


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