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Over Charged By £100 For A Stairlift
Mae Who Was Overcharged A Stairlift

BBC Daytime documentary series 'Rip off Britain' recently featured 88 year-old Mae Bell, who had a bad experience with a local mobility dealer.

The third season of BBC's Rip off Britain features Julia Somerville joining Angela Rippon and Gloria Hunniford to help tackle the nation's consumer nightmares on BBC One Daytime. The series investigates consumer complaints and exposes some of the rip offs - both big and small - that are costing the British public. The team asks members of the public who feel they've been the subject of unfair deals and rip offs to share their stories.

Mae Bell had previously been sold a number of items by a local mobility dealer, she subsequently needed a new stairlift, but found herself waiting well over a month with no response from the dealer. Although they had charged Mae £100 to remove her old stairlift, they never returned to install a new one.

Unable to use the upstairs of her home, Mae was confined to living downstairs, with no sign of her new stairlift.

Eventually she decided to telephone her preferred stairlift manufacturer direct which happened to be Acorn, and we confirmed with her that there had been no order placed with us for this new stairlift.

Upon hearing her appalling tale Acorn Stairlifts, based in West Yorkshire, decided to install a brand new stairlift for Mae, completely free-of-charge, and now Mae has the full use of her home again!

Just one more reason why Acorn has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide!

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