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Stairlift Transforms Another Life - on TV

12:00am | & Community
Channel 5's Cowboy Builders Support By Acorn
Acorn installed a brand new stairlift - for free

We answered an urgent call for help put out by Channel 5's Cowboy Builders programme, which was screened on Thursday 11 August

The programme, with Melinda Messenger and Dominic Littlewood, comes to the rescue of families whose homes are blighted by cowboy builders.

In this edition, Simon and Diane Saulis had been the victim of a cowboy builder who had left them living in a freezing house which had severely worsened Diane's rheumatoid arthritis.

As part of the makeover of the house organised by the Cowboy Builders team, Acorn installed a brand new stairlift - for free.

"The stairlift will make my life so such easier to get up and downstairs whenever I want", said Diane.

"That's going to change Diane's life so dramatically", said David. "It's unbelievable."

Acorn transforms people's lives by fitting a stairlift every 14 minutes somewhere in the world.

Special thanks go to Anthony Nield who gave up a Sunday to install the lift to fit in with filming schedules.

The programme will be shown again on Channel 5 on Sunday 14 August at 12:15. It is also available on Channel 5's on-demand video service.

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