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We Welcome Feedback

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Acorn Stairlifts has always welcomed feedback about our products and service, it's the best way of finding out what we are doing right, and what we could be doing better.

We have recently made it easier for anybody to send us their comments right here on We have added a new online feedback form so we can find out what our customers have to say.

All the comments are reviewed and responded to (where appropriate), so if you have anything you'd like Acorn Stairlifts to know, please let us know via the form. It's only been on the site a short while and we weren't expecting such an inflow of positive comments, here's one comment that came in just a short while ago:

The Acorn Stairlift purchasing experience was a positive one from start to finish.

Representative Alan arrived as promised Monday at noon. He carefully explained all our options, measured the house, made appropriate suggestions and within an hour of arrival we had a signed contract.

Tuesday at 10:30 am Bob the installer arrived and we were up and running within an hour (again). He carefully explained proper use and maintenance of the lift, insurance options and procedures for call outs if required.

Both Acorn people were solicitous of my 91 year old mother and answered all questions patiently and thoroughly.

24 hours from start to finish was amazing service. The people sent out were completely professional. A great experience altogether which bodes well for future interactions. I wish other people would take a leaf out of Acorns customer service book!

Many thanks to all at Acorn and in particular Alan and Bob.

Best regards,
[name withheld]

If you have anything you'd like to tell us here at Acorn Stairlifts, simply fill in the form and let us know your comments - Click here for Feedback form

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