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Will Stairlifts Fit Narrow Stairs?

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Specially Designed Stairlift For Narrow Stairs
Contact Us: A Range of Options Are Available

At Acorn we manufacture stairlifts for two types of stairs for your home. We have stairlifts for straight stairs and stairlifts for curved stairs. In fact with our ingenious system we can fit an Acorn stairlift to any type of shape staircase that fits our safety requirements.

Why Does The Stairway Need a Minimum Width?

This is because we have a minimum safety distance whilst travelling up and down the stairs. We also need to ensure the chair is safe when not in use and folded away.

Importance of the Survey

Our highly trained surveyors will visit your home and check that your stairs as well as the area around them comply with our requirements to manufacture and install for you one of our stairlifts.

Typical things our surveyors check for are the heights between yourself and the chair whilst travelling. They will also look for any obstructions that may affect the stairlifts rail and the travel of the chair. The amount of landing area you have available at the top and bottom of the stairs.

We carry out a detailed no obligation survey to ensure that your install goes as smooth as possible.

Every one of our lifts is tailor-made to suit your individual home and lifestyle. Our ingenious system is designed to be fitted in the fastest possible time. Our innovative and clever design features mean we can install a lift for you in a matter of days rather than weeks. We feel this is important to anybody with reduced mobility to enable yourself to free up your home we take the hassle out of this for you.

The Answer To Your Problems Could Be A Perched Stairlift

A perched stairlift is useful for people who have difficulty bending. Our perched stairlift is a great solution to narrow stairs. It is based around our popular Acorn 130 model and offers all the same features as well as the quality you can expect from an Acorn stairlift. To find out more about stair lifts for narrow stairs.

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