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Invest in your independence with an Acorn Stairlift

12:00am | & Health

As a company committed to continually improving its products and services, Acorn actively seeks feedback from people who have chosen to install our British-built stairlifts in their homes.

One thing we hear all the time from our satisfied customers is that they only wish they had done it sooner. Once they experience the enhanced quality of life an Acorn Stairlift brings them on a daily basis, they wonder why they had put off getting one for so long.

That naturally leads us to ask why did they put it off, instead choosing to soldier on with tackling stairs that left them breathless, dizzy, in pain or even in danger of a fall, when the solution was just a phone call away? Again, there is one answer that we hear all too often.

Many of our customers say that getting a stairlift felt like ‘giving in’, like admitting they could no longer cope with the stairs, like giving up their independence. And yet, ironically, the very opposite is true. An Acorn Stairlift helps you retain your independence and remain not just living in the home you love, but enjoying unrestricted use of it.

A glance at our customer testimonials will quickly confirm this, with these recent comments typical of the thousands we receive:

  • “My stairlift has made such a big difference in such a short time. I have my independence back again.” Mrs D W Goode, Huntingdon.
  • “The stairlift is FAB. I can use it whenever, without needing any assistance, so I am more independent.” Mrs S Gardner, Gloucestershire.
  • “I am no longer a prisoner of my own home.” Mr B White, Wales.
  • “It has enabled us to stay in the family home.” Mrs M Clarke, Devonshire.

So the great news is that once our customers have their Acorn Stairlift installed, they quickly realise it is not a sign surrendering their independence, but a very positive step towards retaining and safeguarding it. The stairlift means they can use the stairs as often as they like, free from pain or discomfort and without needing help or someone to watch over them and keep them safe.

And the benefits extend beyond the person actually using the stairlift. Their loved ones get precious peace of mind from knowing the stairlift user is now no longer at risk every time they use the stairs, but can do so in comfort and safety. For so many people, it removes a constant, nagging worry.

Far from ‘giving in’, having an Acorn Stairlift installed in your home is an investment in retaining – or even regaining – your independence, both now and for years to come. And if you’re worried about the cost, it could be less than you think. As the world’s biggest business dedicated solely to the manufacture, sale and installation of stairlifts, Acorn manufactures more than 70,000 every year at its UK factories.

This economy of scale means that Acorn Stairlifts are competitively priced and extremely good value for money. Plus, we sell our stairlifts direct to the public, so there are no ‘middle men’ to take a cut.

Because every staircase is different, there is no ‘standard price’. But finding out the exact price of a bespoke Acorn Stairlift, specific to your needs and the dimensions of your staircase, won’t cost you a penny. Just book a free, no obligation home survey and one of our expert Acorn surveyors will visit you at a convenient time.

After understanding your needs and measuring your staircase, our surveyor will be able to advise on the best type of Acorn Stairlift for you and provide a detailed quote, with no hidden extras and valid for 12 months. Our surveyor will also be happy to answer any questions you might have.

To invest in retaining your independence, just give Acorn a call on 0800 073 9775. You really have nothing to lose… especially your independence.

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