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Victims of the Boston Marathon bombings get a helping hand from Acorn

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Boston Marathon Rocked By Bomb Blast
Boston Marathon bombing

It was a sad day April 15th 2013 when the Boston Marathon was rocked by two terrorist bombs. They exploded near the finish line injuring 264 people and killing 3. Two of the injured Paul Norden 31 and his brother JP each lost a leg and suffered many other injuries. The story of these two brothers is remarkable and shows strength to recover from injuries with the support of their family, friends and from their local community.

The road to recovery starts from hospital through to rehabilitation and eventually home. State Senator Katherine Clark has been working with the family through this difficult time. She approached us at Acorn stairlifts to find out how we could help preparing the house for the brothers coming home.

Paul Norden arrived back home on Thursday May 16th 2013. The mother of Paul Liz Norden said "Not knowing how Paul would be able to get up and down the stairs was very upsetting to me. To have Acorn send someone who drove through the night to get the first unit installed before Paul's arrival has left us speechless. It is simply amazing I will be forever grateful."

Tim McCool Director of US Sales at Acorn Stairlifts US said " We all heard about the Norden brothers story and were just thrilled to help in any way we could. We are in the business of helping people and it is moments like these that really lift the spirits of the entire company "

Senator Katherine Clark Added "We offer our sincere thanks to the leadership and employees of Acorn Stairlifts for your swift, generous and compassionate response to the Norden family. I remain inspired by the many actions of neighbours, organisations, government and the private sector coming together in support of those tragically affected by the marathon bombings."

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