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Our top five reasons to invest in an Acorn Stairlift

12:00am | & Health

There are many reasons why people invest in an Acorn Stairlift.

Some do it when it becomes a necessity, because they can no longer use the stairs in their home in the usual way. This might be due to illness or simply advancing years and reduced mobility, or it might be following an accident or a stay in hospital.

In these cases Acorn has the edge, as we can install our award-winning British-built stairlifts within just a few days of an order being placed, even next day if urgency is paramount. And thanks to our pioneering FastTrack® system for assembling bespoke curved stair rails on site, that unrivalled response rate applies to our curved stairlifts too.

Other customers choose to install an Acorn Stairlift before it becomes an absolute necessity, realising it will improve their lives on a daily basis. They might not need the stairlift all the time, but it’s comforting to know that it’s there when they do.

We rely on feedback from customers to help inform ongoing development of our products. Analysis of this feedback has helped us identify the top five reasons why people invest in an Acorn Stairlift, so here’s the countdown:

1.      To retain their independence. Some people view getting a stairlift as ‘giving in’ or even surrendering their independence. In fact, the exact opposite is true – an Acorn Stairlift represents an investment in retaining your independence. It means you can use the stairs in your home as often as you like, without needing help from anyone else, in safety and comfort. If your eyesight was starting to deteriorate, would you ask someone else to read to you? No, you’d consult an optician and invest in some spectacles, so you can continue to read independently. Investing in an Acorn Stairlift is really no different.

2.      To regain full use of their home. As people struggle with the stairs, they find themselves constricted in how they use their home. It might start in a small way, by limiting how often you use the stairs. For example, rather than popping upstairs for something when you first think of it, you might wait until the next time you have to go upstairs and fetch it then… if you remember. This can turn to full-scale planning of your daily routine based on minimising how often you use the stairs. Ultimately, you might think of living on one level, converting a ground floor dining room to a bedroom, or installing a downstairs loo or shower room. But why limit yourself and stop using parts of the home you love, when an Acorn Stairlift removes the obstacle of stairs at a single stroke? It lets you use all your home however you like, whenever you like, by giving you ‘access all areas’.

3.      To put loved ones’ minds at rest: You might think you’re fine on the stairs, but your loved ones see you struggling and worry about your welfare. A high proportion of inquiries to Acorn come not from the people who will use our stairlifts, but from concerned members of their families, usually their grown-up children. An Acorn Stairlift will not only assist you, but will give your loved ones peace of mind from knowing that you can use the stairs easily when they’re not there, letting them get on with their lives without having to worry.

4.      To enhance your quality of life: If you struggle with the stairs, an Acorn Stairlift makes life better, simple as that! For many people, going up or down stairs can become an uncomfortable and even painful experience, particularly as they get older and experience reduced mobility. It can leave you out of breath, with pain from sore joints or even chest pain if you have a condition such as angina. Why soldier on in daily discomfort when an Acorn Stairlift can make using the stairs a pleasurable and pain-free experience once again? The energy you save can be put to so many better uses. Once they’ve experienced the enhanced quality of life an Acorn Stairlift brings, many of our customers tell us they only wish they’d got one sooner!

5.      To prevent an accident: Surely the number one reason for investing in an Acorn Stairlift has to be safety. Unfortunately, a proportion of our customers buy their stairlift after suffering an accident on the stairs. While we’re always happy to help, we would much rather they bought it before they came unstuck, as an investment in accident prevention. If you are unsteady on your feet, have difficulty with balance, no longer trust the strength in your legs, or get light-headed and worry about blackouts, it’s time to protect yourself. Accidents can happen anywhere in the home, but accidents on the stairs, by their very nature, can have much worse outcomes. An Acorn Stairlift lets you use the stairs in safety, free from the worry of falling.

Although these are our top five reasons, it is usually a combination rather than a single one which convinces people to invest in an Acorn Stairlift. And just as the reasons for buying a stairlift are manifold, so are the benefits it brings. If you are considering a stairlift for any or all of the reasons above, give us a call today on 0800 073 9775 to book your free, no-obligation home survey and quote.

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