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Five great benefits of owning an Acorn Stairlift

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Acorn Stairlifts is celebrating its first 25 years in business, during which it has grown to become the world’s biggest company focussed solely on the manufacture, sale, installation and maintenance of home stairlifts.

We now build around 70,000 stairlifts per year at our UK factories and export to more than 80 countries worldwide. That includes America where Acorn is the market leader, flying the flag for high-quality British manufacturing. We’re proud to say that somewhere in the world, an Acorn Stairlift is fitted every eight minutes, giving someone else’s life a lift.

Lots of components go into making our award-winning stairlifts, but the most important ‘component’ of all is the customer, the person who will use it. Right from the start, we learnt to listen to our customers, to actively seek feedback and use it to drive the continual evolution and improvement of our stairlifts.

A delve through our feedback files also helps us identify what our customers see as the chief benefits of owning an Acorn Stairlift. So here, in no particular order, are five great things about being an Acorn owner:

“I feel safe on the stairs again” – So many of our customers see this as the biggest single benefit, having previously worried about having an accident on the stairs. There are lots of conditions which can put you at risk on the stairs, from painful stiff joints and declining muscle strength to those which leave you feeling dizzy, out of breath or light-headed through physical exertion. Of all the places in your home to have a fall, the stairs must be the worst. Occasionally we fit stairlifts for people recovering from a fall, but we much prefer to install them before that happens. For anyone worried about their safety on the stairs, an Acorn Stairlift is an investment in accident prevention.

“I can go up and downstairs whenever I want” – As the stairs become a struggle, many people begin restricting how often they use them, planning their day around the times they need to go upstairs, or even beginning to live on a single level. An Acorn Stairlift removes the obstacle of stairs at a single stroke, allowing you to go up and downstairs as many times each day as you like, in safety and comfort. If you’ve accidentally left something upstairs, no problem – just take a seat on the stairlift and let your Acorn take the strain.

“I’ve got the rest of my home back again” ­– As mentioned above, some people get to the point when they can no longer manage the stairs, so instead adapt to living downstairs, perhaps converting a dining room to a bedroom and installing a downstairs loo or using a commode. But why deny yourself the use of half the home you love, the place you’ve worked so hard to pay for and make your own? Installing an Acorn Stairlift effectively turns your two-storey home into a bungalow by giving you easy and safe access to your upstairs rooms. It gives you back the full use of your home, just like having a VIP ‘Access All Areas’ pass!

“I’ve got my independence back” –  One of the things people worry most about as they get older or become less mobile is losing their sense of independence. It’s only natural that we come to rely on help from others and loved ones are usually only too happy to give it, but no-one wants to feel they are becoming a burden. If you no longer feel safe climbing the stairs alone, you might need physical support from your spouse, another family member or carer. Owning an Acorn Stairlift means you can use the stairs with only the assistance of a machine designed especially for the job, and which is always there, ready and waiting, whenever you need it. An added bonus is the peace of mind your loved ones will enjoy, knowing you can use the stairs in safety and comfort, without the risk of a fall.

“I have more energy for the things I really want to do” – Even if you can still manage the stairs with difficulty, why waste your precious energy on this when there are so many other things you could save it for? Many of our customers soldier on, sometimes for years, before choosing to invest in an Acorn Stairlift. One piece of customer feedback we hear all the time is “I only wish I’d done it sooner!”. Why prolong the battle when you could end it today and be the winner? Once released from the daily staircase struggle, many people feel less tired and more inclined to do other activities which bring them enjoyment and satisfaction. There’s also the mental relief of never having to worry about climbing the stairs again… just imagine that!

If you struggle with the stairs and want to share in these benefits, why not give us a call today on 0800 073 9775 to arrange your free, no-obligation Acorn home survey. It will answer your questions and give you all the facts and figures you need to make an informed choice. You really have nothing to lose.

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