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Giving Olivia a lift - Helping the climb of Kilimanjaro

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part of The 30 Strong Mount Kilimanjaro Team

At Acorn we were proud to sponsor Olivia Gordon, a 19 year old student attending Loughborough University. We pledged our support with a donation of £2600 to aid the Meningitis Foundation.

As part of the 5895m climb Olivia undertook a gruelling training programme.

She was part of a group of 30 students who travelled to Africa and endured a four day ascent through dust laden tracks humid rainforests and 300 meter high cliff faces.

Olivia explains her reasons for making the climb and some of the challenges she endured

"The Meningitis Research Foundation is important to me because so many young people are affected by the virus - when the opportunity came up to do something extraordinary to help raise money I could not pass it up."

"The climb seemed like a straightforward option at first though I was not sure what to expect. The whole trek was filled with surprises mostly the determination my friends and I felt as we found our path getting steeper and our scenery more mountainous."

"On the fourth day we woke up at 2am to start the final climb to the summit and over seven hours later, we made it! Following a lot of emotional tears we stood proudly at the top waving the Acorn flag which symbolised the support we had received in getting us there."

Olivia raised over £4500 for the Meningitis Research Foundation and the donation will go towards developing and distributing resources on the signs and symptoms.

"The generous donation from Acorn Stairlifts kept me determined each step of the way. I could not let the team down and I had my heart set on Acorn making the summit with me."

"I had the honour of meeting Paralympic gold medallist Jonnie Peacock who suffered from meningitis when he was just five years old."

"It really put into perspective how the money we have raised will go on to fund research into the virus and support for those suffering."

Olivia At The Top Of Kilimanjaro With Acorn Stairlifts Flag

Olivias determination and hard work helped her earn the title of the highest fundraiser at Loughborough University and the second highest nationally.

Bob Matthews Operations Director of Acorn Stairlifts said "When we heard about Olivias plans to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of such a deserving charity we were delighted to sponsor her. Everyone at Acorn is incredibly proud of Olivia for making the climb and for raising so much money for the foundation."

"At Acorn we aspire to help people get to the top whether it is the stairs or one of the highest mountains in the world!"

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