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Teenage boy is no longer confined to his bedroom thanks to life-changing stairlift

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Joshua Gets His Independence

Joshua Fox was a virtual prisoner in his bedroom due to Crohn’s disease. Now thanks to Acorn Stairlifts he has a new lease of life.

“We can’t imagine life without the stairlift.”

Joshua Fox, from Doncaster, was just two years old when he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

Things got so bad that Joshua, was struggling to get up and down stairs and in the end he was virtually a prisoner is his own bedroom.

The family had been on a waiting list since March 2013 for a house assessment but by November they were still waiting.

But in the space of a week, things changed dramatically for Joshua and his family following a call out from us.

Acorn Stairlifts launched an initiative in November 2013 to support all three children’s hospices in Yorkshire, including Bluebell Wood, by donating refurbished stairlifts to families in need.

Joshua had been a patient at the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in Sheffield and his mother, Rachel, responded to the offer immediately, knowing the difference a stairlift could make to Joshua’s life.

“Joshua hasn’t eaten since June 2012 – he is fed via a TPN feed through his chest and has to carry the machinery and bag up and down the stairs. He was so exhausted during the day that he’d only come down at lunchtime and went back upstairs at 4pm as it was such an effort to climb back up. Joshua lived his life in his bedroom and his opportunity to interact with the rest of the family was severely limited.”

Following Rachel’s plea to Bluebell Wood about the donated stairlift, we contacted her within hours to arrange a fitting, and the stairlift was installed a few days later.

“The Acorn team was incredibly quick in fitting and installing the stairlift. To get this turned around within a few days was a godsend for us as it felt like we’d been waiting for something for so long. Acorn gave Joshua thorough training on how to use the stairlift so he is now able to use it without our help.”

“The stairlift has given Joshua a sense of independence and control – he’s not limited to four hours downstairs, he can stay with the rest of the family much longer which has been great for all of us. If he needs anything from upstairs such as medication, he doesn’t have to rely on someone else to get it and it’s made carrying his TPN equipment much easier.”

“Seeing the impact it’s had on Joshua’s freedom and the interaction he can now have with the family, we really can’t imagine life without it.”

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