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Eight helpful tips to care for your stairlift

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Now that you have your stairlift installed you obviously want to keep it well maintained and running smoothly. We have a few tips for you to ensure that your stairlift gives you years of continued usage.

Of course some problems cannot be anticipated for this we offer stair lift repairs but of course many stairlift problems can be avoided with proper care and maintenance.

Acorn Engineer performing a stairlift annual service
Certified Acorn engineer

1. Regular stairlift maintenance

Stairlift servicing should be carried out at least once a year to prolong the life of your stairlift and to prevent any serious problems. If you need stairlift advice regarding stairlift repairs then speak to the company who installed it.

2. Don't unplug your stairlift

If you are in the habit of unplugging everything which is not in use, particularly when you go away, then do make sure that you leave a note reminding yourself never to unplug your stairlift. The machine uses up very little energy and unplugging it can damage the battery pack.

3. Keep the stairlift track clear

Before you use your stairlift it's worth just checking to make sure that the track is clear. Most stairlifts are fitted with safety devices which stop the mechanism should it encounter an obstruction, but things like coins can get stuck so always strive to keep the track free from any clutter or debris.

4. Recharging your stairlift

You can get the most out of your stairlift if you keep it fully charged. Once you've stepped off the stairlift just make sure that it is at the very end of the track, either at the top or bottom, so that it's kept charged and ready to use.

5. Don't exceed the maximum weight

Whilst it can be tempting to use the stairlift to transport heavy items up and down the stairs, do be careful not to exceed the maximum weight the stairlift can safely carry.

6. Clean the track

Keeping the track cleaned and oiled will ensure a smooth ride every time. To clean it make sure that the track is disabled, then just wipe it over with a damp cloth. Every couple of months just run some petroleum jelly along the track too, not too much but just enough to give it a bit of sheen. Do not use cleaning products on the stairlift.

7. Caring for the seat

Any moving parts of the stairlift need to be kept clean and oiled too and that includes your swivel chair (if you have one). Again a damp cloth to clean it and a little lubrication every few months is all it needs.

8. Cover outdoor stairlifts

Make sure that outdoor stairlift seats are kept covered, to protect it in bad weather. These stairlifts may require more maintenance and cleaning than indoor stairlifts.

This simple stairlift advice should keep yours working without any major issues so you can enjoy independence in your home hassle-free for longer.

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