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Stairlifts and their uses

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A Disabled stairlift younger user

Who uses stairlifts?

Stairlifts are used across a broad section of society. They are used by the elderly, and also people suffering from mobility issues. This extends to users who need a safe way to get up and down stairs safely and unassisted. This makes them popular across a broad range of different ages with disabilities.

People who can benefit from a stairlift could have arthritis; suffer with multiple sclerosis; as well as people recovering from a stroke or cancer. Stairlifts are also utilised by armed force veterans and anyone who would like assistance on using their stairs.

How do stairlifts help people?

Sufferers from any of these conditions above have reported benefits in a number of ways. Previously, they struggled with stairs and had developed “coping methods” to get up and down. This was more physically demanding and the stairlift helped overcome this. These physical demands were removed, which lead to quicker recovery and a better quality of life.

Taking things up and down stairs is made easier by stairlifts, as it offers a safer way to transporting items. Stairlifts reduce the risk of fall, users report feeling more confident using their stairs, their loved ones and peers have more peace of mind when they are using the stairs.

An Older Stairlift User In Retirement

Carers can safely transport loved ones reducing the risk to themselves through falls. With a stairlift installed, people no longer feel anxious when using the stairs as they had done before.

Where are stairlifts installed?

  • Domestic Homes
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Care Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial Businesses

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