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Getting the best from your Acorn Stairlift

12:00am | & Tips and Advice

A stairlift can transform your quality of life overnight, allowing you to access another floor in your home in a comfortable and dignified manner even though your own mobility is limited.

It is also a big investment, so it's worth making sure you get the most from your stairlift once it's been installed. A little regular care of your stairlift will ensure that it serves you well for years to come.

Maintenance at home

Your stairlift requires regular cleaning to keep it in optimal working order. Acorn stairlifts are constructed on the stairs rather than on the wall. The stair track should be dusted weekly so that nothing gathers on the track.

The seat itself should need no more than a wipe with a damp cloth. Every three months the track should be wiped and a very thin coat of lubricant applied - too much could lead to reduced grip.

Never use solvents on any part of your stairlift. Always make sure that the stairlift is at the bottom of the stairs and is switched off before cleaning and lubricating is done. Ask a family member or care assistant to do this for you, rather than attempting it yourself, as it can be hard to reach the full length of the track if you have reduced mobility.

What to do if a problem occurs

Obstructions On The Stairs That Can Stop A Stairlift

If you or a friend or helper can check the following items, it may save you time in getting your stairlift working again.

Check that the power supply is connected properly, and make sure that your stairlift has been able to recharge fully. It needs to be at the very top or bottom of the stairs when not in use to allow it to recharge.

Make sure that the buttons on your remote control are not being pressed down by something resting on top of them. Check there is nothing on the track which could be preventing the stairlift from moving.

If you are unable to carry out the checks and no one is available to help, please do not hesitate to call us and we will be very happy to send out one of our engineers to resolve the problem. We have engineers on call every day of the year, so you will never need to wait long for an engineer to visit you.

If you choose a five year warranty when you purchase your Acorn stairlift, you will have a free annual service included in the package. We highly recommend an annual service for keeping your stairlift in good condition.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our lifts and installation service, so it is unlikely that you will experience a problem with an Acorn stairlift, but if you do we are here to help.

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