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Don’t miss out on free over-65s flu jab

12:00am | & Health

If you are over 65, have you had your free flu vaccination yet?

Everyone over 65 is entitled to a free annual vaccination against flu. Although it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get flu this winter, it is by far the best protection available, and if you do still get flu, it is likely to be less severe and protracted if you’ve had the vaccine.

This year the NHS is giving a new vaccine to people over 65, specifically designed to work better for that age group by ‘boosting’ the body’s own immune system. Public Health England has created a new leaflet, reproduced below, explaining all about the new ‘Fluad®’ vaccine and how it works.

If you are over 65 you should automatically be contacted by your GP surgery inviting you to attend for a vaccination. This usually happens between September and the end of November, so if you haven’t heard anything yet, it is worth contacting your GP surgery. Remember, having the vaccination is the best protection you can have against catching flu this winter.

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