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Don’t take our word for it… see what our customers say

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When you’re considering a purchase, especially if it represents a significant investment, and you’re not quite sure whether to go ahead, who do you want to hear from?

Is it the salesman, who has a vested interest promoting his product? Maybe you turn to a consumer guide or comparison website for more impartial information? You might seek advice from friends and relatives, people whose opinion you value and trust? Or you could see what other customers – people like you – have said about a particular product and the company which supplied it.

At Acorn Stairlifts we actively seek customer feedback. It has helped us shape and refine our products and services over the years, but it also reminds us of the positive impact our stairlifts make on people’s lives… and who wouldn’t want to hear about that?

Here is a small selection of the comments we’ve received recently from people across the UK who are now enjoying the daily benefits of their Acorn Stairlift:

  • Mr Hands, from Crewe, told us that: “Before installation (of the stairlift) it was taking me between five and ten minutes to go upstairs, after which I was severely struggling for breath. Now I don’t have that problem.”
  • In a similar vein, Mr Green, from Lincoln, said: “It was exhausting to get up the stairs and quite dangerous at times. Now I feel safe and less tired overall.”
  • Mr Turnbull, of Dunfermline, said both he and his wife benefit from their new Acorn Stairlift: “Now that we are both 80, life is a lot easier when we don’t have to walk up and down the stairs.”
  • J. Lawson, of Barnard Castle, told us: “I no longer plan trips upstairs, but pop up and down as and when I need to.”
  • Mr Stephens, of Cardiff, said his Acorn Stairlift offered “excellent value for the price” and added: “Having only one toilet, upstairs, it is in constant use, making our normal day much easier to pace.”
  • Mr Nathu, from Leicester, bought an Acorn Stairlift for elderly relatives who have breathing difficulties. He said it has “made life for my older relatives easier. It allows them to access upstairs and allows better sleep as there is no struggle climbing the stairs before going to sleep.”
  • Mr Marshall, from Waterlooville, wrote that his stairlift “will make it safer for my wife after a fall on the stairs, with a broken ankle, and bring peace of mind for me, her husband.”
  • Mrs Underhill, from Birmingham, said her new stairlift has made “a hell of a difference”, adding: “My husband can now go upstairs with no trouble. Before, he could not climb the stairs with his bad legs.”
  • Mrs Derrett, of Finchley, invested in an Acorn to help her cope with arthritis and said it is already “freeing up energy for other things!”
  • Mr and Mrs Hillerby, from Sedgefield, decided to ‘futureproof’ their home, writing: “While it has made a difference, we decided early to ‘be prepared’, so we only use it if we feel we need to. It is ready, willing and able!”
  • Safety is the number one reason to buy a stairlift, and as Mr Routledge, from West Bexington tells us: “With bad balance, I can now come downstairs safely.”
  • Mrs Ebanks, from Leeds, chose Acorn for our unobtrusive single track design and said her stairlift has given her “confidence to move up and down the stairs and remain in my own home.”
  • Mrs Long, of Sturminster Newton, told us: “It’s great to be able to go up anytime without getting exhausted. My sewing room is upstairs so that is very useful.”
  • For Mr Williams, of Loughborough, the stairlift means “ease of going up and down the stairs without my wife having to help or watch constantly.”
  • G. A. French, of Letchworth Garden City, bought one of our outdoor stairlifts and said: “Thank you – I no longer feel trapped in the house.”
  • Mrs Wilkinson, from Carlisle, said her Acorn Stairlift has “taken away the worry of getting up and down the stairs, which means no stress. I am no longer worried about being breathless.”
  • Mrs Erridge, from Eastbourne, said being able to get an Acorn Stairlift installed quickly meant “getting my husband home from hospital”.
  • For Mrs Gurney, of Staines, having an Acorn Stairlift fitted has “made life a lot easier. I no longer dread climbing the stairs.”
  • Despite ticking the box for the ‘85 to 94’ age group, Mrs Horsfield, of Peterlee, writes that thanks to her new stairlift: “I can now stay in this house another 50 years!”
  • Mr Tilley, of Nottingham, wrote: “My Acorn Stairlift has allowed me to access our first floor. It’s given me the ability to go upstairs and this has given me new life.”
  • Mrs Pitman, from Edgware, has discovered an extra bonus to her new stairlift, writing: “I go upstairs easily, and it is fun!”

The final word (for now) goes to M. Harvey, of Harlow in Essex, whose feedback was concise and to the point: “One word – independence.”

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