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Use this poster to let them know you care

12:00am | & Lifestyle

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to grip the UK, people are keen to support the heroic efforts of our wonderful NHS and other key workers helping to keep society moving.

One way has been the now-weekly Clap For Our Carers taking place at 8pm each Thursday evening. It encourages people to go to their doorsteps, windows or balconies to join in a nationwide round of applause as a show of appreciation for all those helping to take care of us.

Another way has been to put posters in our windows as a show of support for the NHS and other key workers. The vast majority feature the rainbow symbol of hope and many have been home-made by children whose schools have closed down. If you want to display a poster but can’t make your own, please feel free to use the one below.

Just download the image to your computer or mobile device, then print off a hard copy to display in your window. If using a computer mouse, right click on the image then click on ‘Save image as’ to save it onto your computer. You should then be able to right click on the copy stored on your computer to display the printing options. For most mobile devices, touching the image will bring up options to download or save it.

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