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Getting Your Stairlift Installed

12:00am | & Tips and Advice

Implementing a stairlift in your household can help you regain access to your entire home and restore your independence. After evaluating your home to ensure that you have the proper fit for your stairlift, you must prepare for installation. Here's a breakdown of what to expect. 

A member of our team will survey the staircase online or in person, and our team of trained technicians will get to work determining which stairlift is best for you. When the job is finished, they will set an installation date and time convenient for you, possibly the same day. 


Preparing for installation is as easy as clearing the staircase of any obstructions such as cabinetry, debris, or items hanging by the stairs' actual steps. There is no need to remove any wall décor or railing attachments because the stairlift rail is fixed to the stairs rather than the wall. 

 As our outstanding engineer arrives, you are all ready to go as long as there are no obstacles. There's no need to hire a cleaner or worry about a mess after installation. Our dependable technicians run a mobile workshop out of their vehicles. They have been educated in best practices to keep the house as tidy, clean, and safe as possible. 

The Timing  

The implementation process could take between 1 and 5 hours, depending on the length, uniqueness, and type of your staircase, with straight stairlifts taking the least time and curved stairlifts taking the most. The assembly of an Acorn stairlift is reasonably fast, but safety is a top priority. Before they leave the factory, the lifts are subjected to stringent inspections. When installed in your house, our technicians ensure that the rail and carriage are running correctly and meet or exceed our strict safety requirements. 

Once the stairlift is entirely operational after the installation, the technician can thoroughly inspect every part of the chair. They will ensure that you are familiar with the lift, including all of its operating requirements and protection. The technician will remain until you have thoroughly checked the stairlift and are confident in your abilities to use it reliably. 

After Installation and Beyond 

Before leaving, the technician will most likely recommend our aftercare service to support your lift going as usual. Annual repair is an ideal way to maintain the stairlift's dependability for many years to come. Of course, our 24/7 service desk is there to assist you in the unfortunate event that concern arises. 

Installing an Acorn Stairlift is an excellent way to restore access to your whole house. You'll be on your way to a new degree of independence with a quick installation procedure, friendly technicians, and helpful technical support. 

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