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Yours Magazine Free Stairlift Winner

12:00am | & News
Yours Magazine Free Stairlift Winner

“I couldn’t believe it when I found out I’d won!”

Sandie Goddard’s life changed when she entered a competition to win an Acorn Stairlift with Yours magazine.

“I cried down the phone when I found out I’d won the stairlift, I knew it would make a huge difference to myself and my husband,” said Mrs Goddard, 69, of Winchester in Hampshire.

Several years ago, Mrs Goddard had a heart attack and was diagnosed with diabetes, leaving her with severe pain in her legs.

“It was unbelievably painful walking up the stairs, I’d have to stop and take breaks halfway,” she explained.

“My husband, Mick, has been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), which affects his lungs and means he gets very short of breath walking up the stairs.

“We kept saying we should get a stairlift but as we’re retired, it didn’t seem right to spend so much money on something we didn’t desperately need at the time,” added Mrs Goddard.

“Winning the Acorn Stairlift with Yours magazine has changed our lives. My husband and I feel so much safer getting up the stairs and our children, who are all grown up, are a lot happier knowing we’re comfortable and secure moving around in our own home.”

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