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Stairlift secures sleepovers for child with cerebral palsy

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Donated stairlift secures precious sleepovers for grandson with cerebral palsy

Acorn’s stairlift has been completely life-changing for teenager Joshua Orme from Leicester who suffers from cerebral palsy.

“I want you and all at Acorn to know what a wonderful compassionate company you are and I hope you are all very proud of yourselves.”

When Joshua Orme from Leicester who suffers from the debilitating condition cerebral palsy, became too heavy for his granddad to carry him upstairs, he thought that his beloved weekend sleepovers at his grandparents’ home were at an end.

But quick thinking great aunt, Christine Green, made everyone’s dreams come true after secretly approaching four UK stairlift suppliers to find one goodhearted enough to help the family in need. The email she sent to Acorn Stairlifts suddenly turned everyone’s world around.

“Acorn was the only company to reply”, said Christine “and just two days after I’d written to them, they responded to say they’d be delighted to help and sent an engineer out to assess the home – his mother Lin cried with joy when she heard someone was willing to help – suddenly we all had hope and could see a much happier future!”

Within a few days, the stairlift was fitted and Joshua rode the first of many smooth and secure trips up the stairs to his bedroom and is now looking forward to continuing his weekly sleepovers with his grandparents.

Joshua’s mother added: “Acorn’s stairlift has been completely life changing for everyone. I want to thank Acorn from the bottom of my heart for doing this for our family. For a firm of Acorn’s magnitude to be so compassionate is just wonderful. The experience from start to finish has been excellent and the benefits for Joshua will last for many years to come. The stairlift has given three generations of one family a new lease of life - I really do now believe in small miracles.”

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