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Stairlift loan buys Pat extra time at home

12:00am | & Community
Pat Woodhurst With Her Husband

Pat Woodhurst has an incurable brain tumour. Diagnosed 20 years ago, an operation in 2003 confirmed the devastating news that her cancer was malignant.

Further surgery and radio therapy gave Pat 10 years of remission but just two years ago, the tumour returned and now, despite treatment, her condition is deteriorating.

"In an otherwise very difficult situation, we have been given a lifeline by Acorn Stairlifts," said her husband Simon, who cares for Pat at their home in Stanbury near Howarth in West Yorkshire.

"Pat’s tumour is affecting the messages her brain sends to the rest of her body so her mobility is being badly affected. Simply standing up is difficult so getting upstairs became an impossibility at the beginning of this year. And that’s when Acorn Stairlifts stepped in."

Acorn works closely with Sue Ryder’s Manorlands hospice in Keighley and when they heard about Pat’s difficulties from Joanna Longden, Community Services Manager for the hospice, they offered to loan the family a stairlift.

"This is an incredibly generous act," explained Joanna. "Simon and Pat knew a stairlift would give Pat not only a physical boost, but a mental one as well.

One of the real difficulties of palliative care is having to face the fact that some everyday tasks may no longer be possible.

Climbing the stairs, whether it’s to use the bathroom or to get to bed, is a basic function that we all take for granted and losing that independence due to illness can be traumatic.

Access to the upstairs of their home really is a gift for Pat because it means she can be in the place she loves for much longer."

Simon added: "The Acorn Stairlift is making a huge difference to our lives and to Pat’s emotional well being. We’re so thankful for the close relationship that Acorn has with Sue Ryder and that they were there to offer their support to us at such a time of need through the loan of a stairlift."

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