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Couple remain in Belfast home of forty years

12:00am | & Health
Taking Advantage of Stairlifts

Margaret Wilson (64) and her husband Robert (66) were nearly forced to sell their family home of forty years when they began to feel a loss of independence.

Mr Wilson suffers from spinal injuries and after undergoing two operations, was left with the inability to walk up and down the stairs unaided.

"I suffer from severe arthritis which has led me to sleep downstairs and hardly ever see the first floor of my house, so when Robert needed help getting up the stairs and I wasn't able to support him, we knew we needed to consider our options," said Mrs Wilson, from the couple's home in Newtownabbey, Belfast.

Curved Stairlift Being Used By Margaret Wilson

"We discussed moving house but the thought of leaving our family home after a lifetime here was too upsetting.

As we'd heard of Acorn Stairlifts, we contacted them and from there it was a quick decision to install a stairlift," she added.

With the stairlift in place, Mr and Mrs Wilson are now comfortable moving safely and independently up and down stairs.

Mrs Wilson said: "My husband is back to feeling like himself and having the stairlift in place has also helped with the breathing difficulties he was suffering when trying to climb the stairs.

With the ability to go up and down with ease and unaided, he feels like he has his freedom back.

"The stairlift also allows me to go upstairs without feeling the strain in my joints which has made a huge difference.

We are so happy with the service from Acorn and would recommend them to anyone who's facing the difficult possibility of selling their house – we're absolutely delighted we can comfortably stay in our family home."

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