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Acorn provides #legup for double disability family

12:00am | & Disability

Both Tracey Higginbottom, 37, and her 11 year old daughter Charlotte struggled to get around her three-storey townhouse as they both suffer from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) which restricts their movement and causes chronic fatigue making their daily lives a struggle.

 “Life changed so much when I was diagnosed with EDS I had to fully retire from my much loved job as a nurse and suddenly I was confined to one floor of my house. To help with chores and care my mother moved in and at 70 years old, I never expected her to be the one looking after me as well as my loving husband John” Tracey said.

But help was at hand when Tracey Tweeted about her problems while watching the Channel 4 show The Last Leg which focuses on disabled rights.

Seeing the hashtag #legup used on the show for people to suggest how to help others, Tracey took to Twitter to share her troubles.

As soon as Acorn Stairlifts saw the tweet, we quickly reacted by responding to Tracey and asking for her details, before offering to fit the stairlift free of charge.

In a response to her tweet, we said: "Sorry to hear this. We can help. Can you please send us your details and we can arrange 24hr installation."

By having our stairlift it means Tracey can now sit outside in her back garden for the first time in three years, and Charlotte no longer has to be carried to bed every night by her father, John.

"I thought it took weeks to get a stairlift, I never expected this to happen so easily and quickly."

Dave Belmont, Acorn Stairlifts company secretary said the team were delighted to help.

He said: "We were so sorry that Tracey and Charlotte felt so restricted in their three-storey home and were delighted to help.

"A simple tweet changed everything for the Higginbottom family and although we can’t donate a lift to every enquiry we receive we are happy we made such a difference for them”


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