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Acorn holds uplifting birthday celebration for 99-year-old Edna

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Rochdale resident Edna Hughes has had a 99th birthday party to remember thanks to a 10-year history with Acorn Stairlifts.

Miss Hughes from Lisbon Street in Rochdale, wrote to Acorn after receiving a notice about the company winning the 2015 Made in UK award. The award prompted Miss Hughes to thank the team for giving her 10 more years in the home she loves thanks to the freedom the stairlift brings her.

The special celebrations were attended by Miss Hughes’ neighbours and members of the original Acorn Stairlifts team of Geoff Goodman who sold the stairlift and Dave Sharkey who installed it, back in 2005. Flowers, a character birthday cake and an exclusive Fortnum and Mason hamper were presented to truly mark the occasion.

Miss Hughes said: “The stairlift was the best thing I ever bought; it has given me so much more independence allowing me to stay in the home I love. Ten years ago I was worried I would have to move out because getting upstairs was becoming so difficult, but having a stairlift solved everything by enabling me to continue my active life in the house I have lived in for 35 years.” 

Installer, Dave Sharkey, who had joined Acorn a few weeks prior to the installation, said it was a wonderful surprise to receive Miss Hughes’ letter and the Acorn team all felt a celebration was in order to mark her 99th birthday and a decade of enjoying her stairlift.

“It was a real pleasure to go back and see Miss Hughes. It’s always rewarding to see how your work pays off and the difference it can make to someone’s life. Miss Hughes is an inspirational lady and this has been one of the most rewarding days of my career with Acorn.”

Geoff Goodman added: “Celebrating Edna’s birthday with her felt really special and the memories of speaking with her all those years ago came flooding back. It’s a fantastic reminder of just how life changing a stairlift can be. Someone’s home is their castle and I’m just so delighted that our stairlifts are giving families and individuals decades more quality of life.  

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