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Fall knocks confidence but starlift provides freedom

12:00am | & News

For six months, Lindsay Barber’s 95-year-old mother Betty was confined to one floor of her house following a serious fall down the stairs in her own home.

“The fall resulted in my mother breaking her arm and receiving some nasty cuts and bruises. She was already frail but falling had really affected her confidence and ability to walk up and down the stairs. I moved her bed to the ground floor and for six months she was forced to live downstairs. It was too much of a strain for me to help her climb the stairs and as she lives alone, we couldn’t see another option,” explained Lindsay, who cares full time for her mother in Worthing, West Sussex.

“My mother also suffers from dementia so as time progressed, we realised the safer option would be to invest in a stairlift so she could have her whole home back again. I spoke to Acorn Stairlifts and two days later, we’d had a stairlift installed,” said Lindsay.

“I’m now less fearful of her safety at home and as I can’t be responsible for carrying her up and down the stairs, the stairlift has been an absolute lifeline for us. Mother is more mobile again, and although she still needs full time care, having her own bedroom and privacy back means she has a sense of freedom again.

“The service from Acorn has been so helpful and efficient, we’re all so grateful mother has freedom in her home again,” added Lindsay. 

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