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Acorn gives Marie Curie patient her independence again

12:00am | & News

One of the first patients to receive an Acorn Stairlift under Acorn’s recent unique partnership with Marie Curie has been sharing her story. Under the arrangement, Acorn will provide up to five free stairlifts each month for Marie Curie patients completely free of charge.

Sheena was diagnosed with leukemia in June 2015. She went into the Marie Curie Hospice after being in the Royal Free Hospital for eight months and is now back at home. Sheena has had an Acorn Stairlift installed to enable her to go upstairs and still visits the Marie Curie Hospice Hampstead once a week. She said

“When I was in the hospice, Nicola came to see me and she suggested a stairlift because I just wasn’t walking properly. She came to my home and measured up and she said to me that she thought it would do me the world of good. Boy, was she right! I was dubious at first, but it saves me and my husband a lot of stress. I can’t walk up those stairs, I know I can’t. My knees and my legs just aren’t ready, so the stairlift is a god-send, it really is."

“The stairlift gives me my independence back. I can go upstairs, I can use the toilet, I can go to bed - and come back downstairs in the morning to a normal life. When I had my bed in this room, I felt like I was in a rut because I could only use this part of the house - I couldn’t walk up the stairs. Now I feel so much better with the stairlift there. It’s absolutely brilliant to use, I’ve no problems at all. I wasn’t here when it was installed, I was still in the hospital, and it was ready for me when I came back. Gosh, I can’t be without it - it’s wicked.”

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