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Today in history... it's all fangs to Bram!

12:00am | & News

First editions of the classic vampire novel "Dracula" appeared in London bookshops on May 27th, 1897.

It's author, Irish writer Bram Stoker, certainly didn't invent the notion of vampires – creatures who rose from their graves at night to feast on the blood of living humans. They had featured in folklore across Europe from ancient times, but Stoker's horror story would eventually drag them kicking and screaming into the bright glare of popular culture.

On its release the book enjoyed only moderate success, with sales only really taking off in the 1920s after it was adapted for the Broadway stage. That led to a 1931 blockbuster film starring Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula (pictured), which really sparked the vampire mania which endures to this day.

And although Stoker died in 1912, years before his literary creation really took off, the undying popularity of Count Dracula is all 'fangs' to him!


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