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Curved stairlift is a perfect fit

12:00am | & News

Mrs Rosewell found peace of mind after a meeting with Acorn Stairlifts which uncovered a stairlift solution for her split-level staircase.


“Rheumatoid arthritis has meant that my husband has struggled to walk up and down our stairs for a number of years as it had affected the use of his legs. We opted for a standard stairlift from a different company but I was not happy with it as it was a basic straight stairlift and our stairs had a corner with a small landing and an extra couple of stairs to get right to the top. 


“This meant my husband had to get off part way up the stairs and try to get up the last few steps by himself which was a real worry because he was quite unsteady and it wasn’t safe. I feared he would fall back down the stairs.   


“I read about Acorn Stairlifts in a magazine and gave them a call. A lovely gentleman called James came round for a chat. He looked at our staircase and advised us about a curved stairlift which would be perfect for our house - which was such a relief!


“Before we knew it the new Acorn stairlift had been fitted. The installer was efficient and friendly and after he had finished he cleaned everything up and even disposed of the packaging for us.


“It’s great to know our stairlift is just the right design for our home and that my husband isn’t in danger anymore, trying to climb the last few steps on his own.


“Although the stairlift is primarily for him, I sometimes use it when I’m feeling tired which is a real comfort as it’s great to know it’s here if I need help too.


“We’re delighted with the new stairlift and would recommend Acorn to any of our friends.”

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