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Lean, clean Acorn machines hit the road in the USA

12:00am | & News

Acorn Stairlifts, the British firm which pioneered the use of high-performance rechargeable batteries in its award-winning products, is now going 'electric' on the road with its fleet of cars in the USA.

Acorn is the market leader for stairlifts in the USA, where it now sells more than in its UK home market. Now the American arm of the business has teamed up with Toyota in a pilot project to launch a fleet of more than 120 eco-friendly vehicles.

The Acorn-liveried Toyota Prius cars are fully hybrid vehicles, powered by a combination of electricity from rechargeable batteries and a very low emission petrol engine. Using electric power in its vehicles is a natural progression for Acorn, which pioneered the use of rechargeable batteries in its stairlifts. This means that even in the event of a power cut the stairlift will continue to operate and its user won't be left 'stranded'.

The new hybrid Prius cars will primarily be used by Acorn Stairlifts' team of Customer Advisors who service every major market in America, driving an average of 3,000 miles per month, or around 36,000 miles per year.

The current MPG of the average car in America is around 23.6, while the new Prius vehicles will average over 51 MPG, more than double the current average. Over the next four years it is estimated the Prius fleet will save more than $1 million in fuel costs, with those savings reinvested in Acorn's customers, products and employees.

There are also major benefits to the environment, with the Prius being one of the world's 'cleanest' cars in term of its emissions. Using less fuel also eases the pressure on the world's dwindling oil resources, with the new fleet expected to save more than 100,000 gallons of fuel in 2017 alone.

Another benefit for Acorn is that the fleets of cars will serve as mobile adverts for its stairlifts as they are driven across the United States. The graphic wraps on each of the vehicles are designed to increase Acorn's brand awareness to potential customers.

The cars will also help Acorn to recruit and retain the best possible employees, who will no longer have to use their personal vehicles to provide service to their customers. As the business continues to expand across the USA, recruitment of high calibre staff to provide outstanding customer service remains a top priority.

The new vehicles are being rolled out from Acorn Stairlifts' base in Orlando, Florida, throughout September and October and will soon be in service across the USA. To see a short video showing the new cars, click here.

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