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UK charity Arthritis Care is a lifeline for millions

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This week brings the annual World Arthritis Day, on Wednesday October 12th, and for the whole of the week our daily Acorn blog will focus on arthritis. We have teamed up with Arthritis Care, the UK's leading charity offering help, support, advice and information to people living with arthritis.

More of our customers invest in a stairlift to improve the quality of their daily lives because of arthritis than any other condition which affects mobility. In the UK, arthritis is recognised as the biggest cause of pain and mobility problems. There are currently around 10 million people in the UK living with some form of arthritis, with levels varying from mild to chronic.

In its simplest terms, arthritis refers to inflammation of the joints, meaning that most people with arthritis will experience some level of pain, discomfort and difficulty when moving around. At Acorn we are acutely aware, from listening to our customers and striving to understand their needs, of the difficulties arthritis can bring. We design our stairlifts to be as user-friendly as possible for people living with arthritis.

We are proud to be the first stairlift company awarded the Arthritis Foundation's prestigious Ease-of-Use commendation. It recognises our ongoing efforts to make our stairlifts as easy to use as possible by introducing features such as large and intuitive paddle switches on both arms of our stairlift carriages.

An Acorn stairlift can certainly overcome one major obstacle for people with arthritis – tackling the stairs – but there are many other aspects of everyday life which the condition impacts. The best place to turn for help and advice on all aspects of living with arthritis is Arthritis Care. It is the UK's largest organisation working with and for all people with arthritis in its many forms.

Arthritis Care is a membership organisation which you can easily join to gain to benefit fully from all it does, including full access to its support network of local branches and receiving an information-packed quarterly magazine. In turn, becoming a member helps Arthritis Care continue to provide and improve its services to people with arthritis.

It has branches covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and a free-to-call national helpline on 0808 800 4050. The charity also sets out five "impact goals" – ways in which it aims to make a positive impact on the lives of people with arthritis. They are:

·         Impact goal 1: To increase the number of people with arthritis who are able to manage their pain on a daily basis. 

·         Impact goal 2: To improve the health and wellbeing of people with arthritis and ensure more have the confidence to manage their condition.

·         Impact goal 3: To reduce the physical and emotional isolation felt by many people living with arthritis.

·         Impact goal 4: To ensure more people with arthritis can live an independent life, receiving the support they are entitled to.

·         Impact goal 5: To improve services and ensure the voice of people living with arthritis is heard and acted on.

Arthritis Care's website has a massive amount of information on arthritis, ways to cope with the condition and the help and support available to people with arthritis. Still more help and support is available by becoming a member of Arthritis Care, which also relies on volunteers getting involved in a variety of ways. To find out more, just click here.

In tomorrow's blog we will look in more detail at just what arthritis is, and ways to cope with the condition and help alleviate its effects.

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