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Stairlifts In Glasgow, UK

Acorn Stairlifts has an aim to be the world’s best stairlift provider, with their Glasgow stairlifts conveniently designed so that they fit to the stairs instead of the wall. Drilling into masonry or plaster won’t be required then, while no messy or disruptive structural work will need to be carried out either.

All stairlifts in Glasgow also comply with the most up-to-date European safety standard for stairlifts, due to the equipment being independently tested and certified. Thanks to our stairlifts’ industry-leading innovations, we’ve been presented with various awards — such as the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use commendation.

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81 year old Margaret Sergison found she could no longer tackle her staircase, often finding herself immobile. A dangerous fall down the stairs forced her eldest son, Michael, to take action.

He contacted Acorn Stairlifts who installed his mother's stairlift just one week later. "The difference is a blessing," says Mrs Sergison.

"I simply can't explain how much the Acorn Stairlift has helped me. Most importantly, I can stay in the home I love, which is my life."

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